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Forms of Child labour and activities by Care Kopila

Child labour is common issues in Nepal. However, a major part is in the form of unpaid family workers and wage based child labour is small in comparison. The proportion of unpaid family workers is larger in the sense that nearly 80% of Nepali population is in agriculture, of which an overwhelming majority is engaged in subsistence farming. Therefore, the unpaid family child workers are also vulnerable as they are deprived of the opportunity of education, health care and their childhood.

Care Kopila started in a small way by providing educational support for needy children. We tried to maximize resources by negotiating scholarships from the respective school.

Care Kopila extends its heartfelt thanks to all contributors who made it possible to send 40 children to school.

The working children of Nepal are facing various kinds if social discrimination, physical, mental and emotional problems as the societies and environment that they live.

Care Kopila has expanded its activities beyond Kathmandu valley. We are now successfully working in Eastern and Western parts of Nepal where working children are at most risk. We have covered children working in the most difficult sectors and from the most deprived sectors of society.

Our Program:

Interaction Programme:

Care Kopila organize interaction programme with the school's teacher, parent and student at that situation in project area. We organize one day workshop. There are all parent participate that interaction program. We talk about the children for their better life as well as their health condition.

Lack of awareness they involved early marriage and dropout the school. Some cases their parent force to marriage to them because of working environment. If their parent cannot do work and they send to their children to another people if they found workingman then they will send children to marriage and sometimes they bring wife for their sun too. This is fact we know from our workshop we can share lots of thing which we do not know before.

Stationery Distributed:

Every year Care Kopila is distributing school dress for all children. Stationery is distributing bi-monthly.  We have 40 children and each child has three dozen exercise copy and pen, ink, cutter, pencil.

Net working with Various Organization

All these significant results have been achieved because of hardworking volunteers, supporters, well wishers, school teachers and parents.

There is a long walk to reach our destination. Let’s walk together to create an environment of hope and respect for children in need, in which they have opportunities to achieve their full potential, providing children, families and communities with practical tools for positive change.

Care Kopila has voluntary network with various national and international organization and as well as individual.
Distribute Jackets and blanket for working children By Solidarity for Migrant Rights, Korea


Care Kopila working with Tharu Community

Care Kopila has been working on various area supporting the education of the labour child and child from the minority group. This year (2008), Care Kopila has taken an initiative to work with the tharu community from in Nawalparasi District, providing support for education of the Tharu minority. To read more about Tharu community and child labour condition click here .

Contirbute For This Noble Cause!
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Worst Form of Child Labour