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Dhading District:

Care Kopila has been working in Mahadev Besi, Dhading since 2003. In Dhading district at Mahadev Beshi there are 500 adult workers and 300 children are working bank of stream of Agra Khola in stone quarry sector. Actually, they are migrating from 23 districts of Nepal. They are landless and homeless people. They came there to search their work. During work they stay together in small group and they grownup their children too.

At that time they were only 50 families working in Agraha Khola. They have been working before 15 years in same work in worst sector. Some has been three generation and working together there. Since long time nothing going to be change their life and living status.

Most of our children are working in stone quarrying and brick kiln sectors. The children work an average of 13 hours a day with only one hour's break, 7 days a week. The working conditions are usually poor, with high risk to injuries and health.

Care Kopila provides awareness programe with parent and working children. Care Kopila also orgnised Interaction programe with teacher, parent and student.




Care Kopila working with Tharu Community

Care Kopila has been working on various area supporting the education of the labour child and child from the minority group. This year (2008), Care Kopila has taken an initiative to work with the tharu community from in Nawalparasi District, providing support for education of the Tharu minority. To read more about Tharu community and child labour condition click here .

Contirbute For This Noble Cause!
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Worst Form of Child Labour