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Morang District:

In Morang districts the Bank of the small river, Chisang Khola there are more than 200 houses (like a small cottages) and 1200 people are working in stone queries sector. Very beginning there was no school facilities and they did not send their children to school. All children were working with their parents.

In our society there is social discrimination within the caste system. They are dominated by society. The project intervened in where the children are working as most risk and worst form as well as deprived and ethnic group. They called Untouchable caste so called "Dalit" so including those children they belong to untouchable caste and providing to scholarship for them in different districts.

Working children can get their emergency support and enrolment to school. They providing for all kind of emergency support like school dress, shoes, Books and stationary and tuition fee for all children. They are going to school and get change to study through this small project.

They are not only supporting to them but counseling to their parents and organized campaign to send their children to school frequently. They organized "Aware working people about the labour rights and their role of the society.

It is the beginning; more than 300 children are directly getting benefit via different projects and hoping that in future they will be one of the great people in the nation.




Care Kopila working with Tharu Community

Care Kopila has been working on various area supporting the education of the labour child and child from the minority group. This year (2008), Care Kopila has taken an initiative to work with the tharu community from in Nawalparasi District, providing support for education of the Tharu minority. To read more about Tharu community and child labour condition click here .

Contirbute For This Noble Cause!
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Worst Form of Child Labour