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Nawalparasi District:

In Nawalparasi District behind Nepalese culture, there are number of traditions which are hidden from the outside world. One of them is slavery. In the agriculture sector, the Kamaiya and Haliya systems are living examples of contemporary slavery in Nepal. The Tharu community is one of the communities, which has been working as debt-bonded labourers including their children.

Children from the agriculture sector particularly from the Tharu community are getting direct educational support from Care Kopila. All of them have been admitted to formal school with all the necessary reading materials and uniform. Field visits and monitoring reports show a very good progress of those children.

The term 'untouchable' or Achhut has been in the Nepali discourse from a very long period of time denoting those castes of Shudras, who are not permitted by upper castes to enter their houses, temples and other public places and to touch food or water to be used by upper castes. More recently, the term dalit has replaced the word 'Achhut'. The practice of discrimination against dalits is still severe in rural areas. 

Care Kopila covers Dalit children as well. Out of total 40 supported children, he high number are from an untouchable cast.

Care Kopila is serious about the progress and performance of its children. After admission, Care Kopila members frequently visit respective schools, children and parents to monitor their performance.

Care Kopila working with Tharu Community

Care Kopila has been working on various area supporting the education of the labour child and child from the minority group. This year (2008), Care Kopila has taken an initiative to work with the tharu community from in Nawalparasi District, providing support for education of the Tharu minority. To read more about Tharu community and child labour condition click here .

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Worst Form of Child Labour