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CARE Kopila Nepal
1st Progress Report -2007 


The New Year week 2007, we visited Morang Chisang Khola. We organized one meeting with parents, teachers and students. At Chisang Khola, we carried out a public awareness program to explain and motivate people on their basic rights. This was a half-day interaction programme with working people as well as children. Teachers, children, parents and local community members came and were interviewed. We found these children were very happy to see us and be given stationary like, pencil, exercise book etc.

We distributed emergency support to all working children in two months at a time. That is one kind of encouragement for working children to continue their education without. 
They want to make a new school built for working children and they requested us to start this project.  


After the ongoing general strike, of various political parties all schools have been closed for one month, which delayed Kopila’s activities. In Dadhing there are ten children being supported in stone quarry sector.  Every two months we are providing the stationary for each student. 


In Dhading, there was school opening ceremony in March 27, 2007. We all were there because Nirmala Tamang and Bhagwati Tamag who were supported by Care Kopila have become the top students in the district; we awarded them pens, books and dictionaries. 

April is the time for new academic year in Nepal. This year was difficult because of the political situation in the region and ongoing curfew in Morang and Jhapa districts.  Final school exams were postponed as a result. In addition there were 2 weeks of strike action by teachers. Because of that reason we were only able to start work at end of April when we admitted 40 children from different districts.  


The middle of May we organized parents and children's interaction program in Dhading. On that program we were able to know more about the children and their parents problems and needs.
The programme aims to create awareness and motivate local communities to send their children to school via our counseling program.
We had a small tea party after finished our program and sharing with them our past experience and talked about our future program.  
We discussed with students the main problems that they face as working children. One of the key problems is family awareness about the importance of education to build better lives for children, even when they are forced to work. This is reflected in the high number of student drop out from the school.  Every year more than 15% of the children leave the school. One of the reasons is that the girls are married at an early age and could not continue their study because they have to work and take care of the family home.  

Distribute necessary stationery:

On the same day Care Kopila distributed stationery for all children in the district. We have 40 children and each child has been distributed three dozen exercise books, pens, ink, pencils, and what ever they need to stay in school.  

Distribute School Uniform:

All children have compulsory school uniform.  Every year Care Kopila has been providing school uniforms for all children.  


Care Kopila working with Tharu Community

Care Kopila has been working on various area supporting the education of the labour child and child from the minority group. This year (2008), Care Kopila has taken an initiative to work with the tharu community from in Nawalparasi District, providing support for education of the Tharu minority. To read more about Tharu community and child labour condition click here .

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Worst Form of Child Labour